All you should know about us.

All of our projects are well-thought-out and oriented towards the same goal: “education through play”.

The seat of our company is located in the town of Ålesund, Norway. As we are passionate about helping others, we have created numerous unique projects, the aims of which have always been development and education through play. Try your luck playing our games and check how much joy and happiness they may bring. Do not hesitate to familiarize yourself with our world…

We love innovations

We create technologically advanced educational aids with passion. They make It easier for tutors to work and for pupils to learn.

GMG Education AS has been established to bring you joy.

It does not matter whether you are young or old, man or woman, mentally or physically disabled, you may not even be in a perfect shape… we believe that you deserve a great fun!

What are out distinctive features?

There is a lot to be excited about!

In a while, you will be presented with best products we have invested a lot of passion in. Are you ready?

What is eduFLOOR?

eduFLOOR serves a didactic purpose and is suitable for motoric activities and games. It has been created with school children, pre-school kids, and rehabilitation in mind.

Interactive Floor


Ask us about our products

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Fantastic interactive games

There is no time for boredom! The combination of innovative technologies and traditional methods completely changes the way of working, learning, and rehabilitating.

Safety of use

Thanks to us, you can be sure that playing with our products is completely safe. The technological process is compliant with the ISO 9001 norm, which is the guarantee of highest quality possible.

Immediate contact and servicing

We do care about your satisfaction. We treat the issues of clients who have trusted us with urgency.

Exceptional sensations

We can guarantee you lots of exceptional sensations while familiarizing yourself with our brands. You can test our products to check their quality.

Simplicity of use

You are not required to have any sort of technical knowledge to take full advantage of our solution. Every single one of them is as simple to use as our remote is.

Check out how much joy our products can bring!

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Ideal timing

Time passes and we make use of every single moment to change the lives of others for better.

You have met us, our products, and you have learned why you should cooperate with us. It is the right moment to contact us and familiarize yourself with the solutions that have been made just for you.


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